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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment services offered in Ellicott City, MD

Addiction significantly affects mental and physical health and could ruin your life. Ola Onabanjo, APRN, and her colleagues at Rightplace Family Clinic in Ellicott City, Maryland, specialize in addiction treatment that helps you overcome your dependence on drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications. To benefit from their compassionate support and effective addiction treatments, call Rightplace Family Clinic today. You can also complete the website’s online booking form to request an appointment. 

Addiction Treatment Q & A

What is addiction?

Addiction is a physical and psychological reliance on substances like drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications. Some people’s addictions involve activities like gambling.

Examples of substances that can trigger addiction include:

  • Illegal opioids like heroin
  • Prescription opioids such as oxycodone and fentanyl
  • Inhalants such as glue and aerosols
  • Sedatives, hypnotics, and anxiety medications
  • Stimulants like cocaine
  • Marijuana (cannabis)
  • Alcohol

Substance use and addiction have extensive and potentially life-threatening effects on your health and well-being. However, when you have an addiction, your brain and body develop a need for the substance that is overwhelming and frequently all-consuming.

Therefore, it can be challenging to overcome these challenges. Rightplace Family Clinic offers expert treatment and support to give you the best chance of beating your addiction and getting your life back.

How will I know if I need addiction treatment?  

Some of the signs of addiction include neglecting your responsibilities and spending excessive amounts on substances. You might have problems at work or home because your focus is on obtaining and using your substance of choice.

Many people with addictions end up losing their job, experience relationship breakdowns, or find themselves homeless. Some turn to illegal activities, like theft and prostitution, to fund their habit.

Before you reach this stage, there are warning signs that you have a problem. Seeking help as soon as possible could prevent your life from falling apart and save your health.

What does addiction treatment involve?

The addiction treatment at Rightplace Family Clinic typically includes using medications to help you through the withdrawal phase.

When you stop taking the substance you’re addicted to, your mind and body go through changes called withdrawal.

Without treatment, withdrawal can trigger vomiting and diarrhea, headaches and migraines, severe pain, shaking, sweating, and stomach cramps. You may also develop intense cravings that drive you to despair.

To help you through this stage, Rightplace Family Clinic offers Suboxone therapy. This drug contains buprenorphine and naloxone, which help you deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. MAT (medication-assisted treatment) programs are also available that combine FDA-approved drugs such as Zubsolv® and Sublocade® with talk therapy.

To make a start on successfully overcoming your addiction, call Rightplace Family Clinic today or book an appointment online.