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Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in Ellicott City, MD

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most powerful ways to improve your health and wellness. Through her work at Rightplace Family Clinic with offices in Ellicott City, Maryland, Ola Onabanjo, APRN, offers personalized weight loss services. Book a visit online or by phone today to learn more.  

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is it so challenging to lose weight and keep it off?

If you’re like many, you’ve probably tried numerous diet and exercise plans. You may have even achieved a degree of success, only to see the weight returning as soon as you end those programs. 

Weight loss isn’t just about restricting foods and willpower. Many factors can make it challenging to lose pounds and maintain your weight, such as:

  • Stress brought on by work, family, and community obligations
  • Easy access to fast food and processed foods
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Poor sleep quality 
  • Genetic considerations

At Rightplace Family Clinic, your practitioner helps you identify variables that prevent you from successfully achieving your weight loss goals. You’ll receive the guidance and support necessary to navigate your journey, and your health remains at the center of the process. 

What are the health risks of being overweight or obese?

Carrying a significant volume of extra weight places an enormous toll on your body. Virtually all of your organs and systems suffer.

Some of the health risks of being overweight or obese include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Depression
  • Cognitive problems
  • Dementia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sexual dysfunction

Finding a way to reach and maintain a healthier weight can do wonders to help you feel and function better every day. 

How does medically supervised weight loss work?

At Rightplace Family Clinic, you’ll rely on a customized weight loss program tailored to meet your unique needs. The process begins with a consultation to discuss your weight loss goals and previous weight loss efforts. 

A thorough physical exam and review of your medical history and possibly blood work or other testing gives your provider a better understanding of how your body is currently functioning. It also helps identify any underlying conditions that could contribute to your inability to lose weight.

Your personalized weight loss plan may include medications to help control appetite and assist you in losing weight, but medication is never the sole approach. You’ll also learn how to boost your nutrition and change how you approach food.

Your provider helps you find ways to incorporate more activity into your daily routines. Making meaningful lifestyle modifications is the best way to support a lifetime of healthy living. 

Learn more about medically supervised weight loss during your personalized consultation. Online booking is available, or you can always call the office to make an appointment.